And how are things with you?

1. I fell down the steps yesterday while leaving work. Ouch.

2. Phoebe was sick, slept all day, was not sleepy at bedtime, and got out of bed to watch Yo Gabba Gabba at 11 pm.

3. Mallory woke up, realized her sister was not in bed, and commenced weeping because she's lonely. "I can't sleep by myself!" she whined. And then said: "Also, I'm really really cold and shivering but I also feel really hot."

4. I realized that the fastest way, at that point, to get both children back to sleep was by agreeing to sleep in their room with them.

5. I woke up about every hour because of children coughing, children sneezing, or children getting up to pee.

6. I woke up for good and could barely move, because I was sore from 1. (above) and because wow, is the kids' bed uncomfortable.

7. Neither child went to school today.

8. I was supposed to leave work early to attend a parent-teacher conference for Phoebe. I wasn't able to do so. The school secretary seemed very taken aback and offended when I called to let her know.

9. But none of this isn't getting me down, and do you know why?



aimee said...

Ouch. Are you okay? Sorry you have sick kids. Mostly sorry you had to go back to work after that day and night!

But yay! for no more cookie selling!

Chris said...

You need a day off now.