I have also decided...

...that hiring two people to reduce my workload has, in fact, only added to my workload.

...that if Mallory really wants to decorate her own shirt for St Patrick's Day, I should let her, even though I'm afraid she'll end up looking goofy.

...that I want one of these for Mother's Day, except not with the names Benjamin and Elizabeth, obviously.

...that I should ask my brother if he got horrible headaches from giving up Diet Coke? Because I have, when I've tried to stop drinking it in the past, but I don't know whether it's from caffeine withdrawal (scary) or aspartame withdrawal (even scarier).

...that instead of me explaining to my Brownies' parents how the girls earned the three badges they'll be getting at our Awards Ceremony tonight, I should make the girls explain it themselves. But also, that I should have cheat sheets just in case none of them have a clue.

...that I need to get Mallory another dress uniform, because washing the single one she has every night is just not every efficient. (They only had one in her size the last time I went to the uniform store, which is on the other side of creation.)

...that four days of eating leftover (homemade) chicken noodle soup for lunch is enough, even though it was very good soup, and even though there are still a couple of servings in the refrigerator that will go to waste if I don't eat them.

...that this is the last post I'll write like this for some time, for which you are all probably grateful.


Karen said...

I'm not your brother, but it is very possible that your headaches are caused from caffeine withdrawal. They will pass in about four days.

The necklace is very pretty. I think that is what you need for Mother's Day!

How was the awards ceremony?

aimee said...

You aren't quitting your blog are you? I hope not, although I can't say I have done a very good job blogging either.

I used to think that Diet Coke was horrible, now I can't think of not having one during the day. Casey gave it up? You are giving it up? Good for you if you are but I won't think bad if you don't.

Love the necklace.

Amy said...

I stopped drinking regular Coke last March and had the worst migraine ever. I am sure I would have gotten over it but after having that kind of headache for 4 days and everything that went along with it, I started to drink soda again. What can I say I am a total whimp!

Krista said...

No, sorry, I didn't mean I was quitting. I was just making fun of myself for doing this "decided" thing two days in a row.

I don't plan to give up DC entirely...I just drink too much of it and I don't like feeling like I depend on it.

The awards ceremony had to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances (ie chaos). Which is okay because by next time they'll have earned another badge anyway!

aimee said...

Yeah, I re-read your post and got what you meant now. I jumped to conclusions. :)

I like those posts though. :)