So they're doing all kinds of road construction in my little town (thanks, stimulus package!) and a few days ago, access to the road my in-laws live on was cut off in one direction and re-routed through another direction and the way I get from here to there is now completely different and poor Amy's house is surrounded by concrete barriers and she has to drive through the "road closed" posts to get to her driveway -- and the upshot is that I have been very confused.

I didn't know, however, exactly HOW confused I was, until I found a map of the project online and, in the course of studying it, realized that in the entire eight years since we've moved here, I have been 90 degrees off. What I have been considering North, since 2002, is actually East. My house is not at all where I have thought that it was, in relation to the rest of town.

I wonder what else I've gotten wrong.


aimee said...

I am terrible at directions and still have a hard time figuring out where our house is in relation to north, so I understand.

Sorry you have to deal with road construction.

Anonymous said...

You think you could have figured out by which way the sun sets and rises. Just a thought.


Krista said...

Well, Case, more to the point, you'd think I could've figured it out by noticing that the highway that I THOUGHT runs N/S is called 98 E. (Or W, depending.)

Anonymous said...

Or, you could have driven "north" until you ran off a pier into the ocean.