Nowadays, Phoebe spends most of her time talking into her play cell-phone or singing into her play microphone. Here are some choice snippets.

Hello? Hello? Oh, it's you, Nancy. I mean Sarah. I mean Jackie....No, Jackie, I have not seen your dog. I did see a black dog, but it had black spots so it is not your dog. It was in our backyard. It was a black dog.

Jackie, I have not seen your dog.

Jackie, it is not my job to keep track of your dog.

No, I have not seen your cat, either.


It's very hard, to live in New Jersey
You've gotta watch yourself, living in New Jersey
Keep looking for that light in the sky
But remember that New Jersey is hard


Hello? Hi honey, it's me. Just wanted to let you know that everything is ship-shape.


Hello? What did you find out?...Are you kidding me? Five hundred dollars? ... Five hundred dollars to paint the fence? I don't believe it. ... No, I know the fence has to get painted. ... Fine. Fine. Just do it. I don't want to hear it anymore. FINE!

[hangs up]


My husband. Is driving. Me crazy.


Karen said...

Phoebe has the most amazing imagination!

aimee said...

That just made my day!

I love the song about New Jersey! Have you ever watched SNL with "Gov Paterson" and his New Jersey jokes? That reminded me of that.