City Girl

Tonight the girls and I went for a walk. We have recently discovered a series of trails winding through the pine forests surrounding our neighborhood; tonight we took an unfamiliar one, and ended up having to hike through a grassy meadow and cross a little creek and so forth to get back to the street.

Phoebe was not pleased.

"I'm hot and sweaty!" she said. "Is that poison ivy? Is that a bug? I'm so hot! I don't like all these plants and things!"

"Phoebe, it's nature," Mallory said.

"Well nature is icky and gross!" Phoebe said.

The complaining did not stop when we regained the pavement. "My feet are wet and sticky from that creek!" Phoebe said. "I'm all itchy! I wish nature didn't even exist!"

From down the street came the sound of a crowing chicken. Phoebe shook her head and muttered darkly:

"Stupid chicken."


aimee said...

She is sounding more like Noah every day. I'll leave it up to you whether that is good or not. :)

Chris said...

We need to put "Stupid Chicken" on a t-shirt.

Karen said...

I guess that I'm glad that we don't live out in the country anymore. Phoebe would certainly be offended at the smells, sounds, and bugs!

Abbey said...

This made me laugh and think of a kid I had several years ago in my class. He would walk outside and if it was hot would look up at the sky and say "Stupid sun!!"