See this?


This is Mallory, the instant that she saw Elmo come on stage at Sesame Street Live, when we took her back in 2003.

I admit, when I saw how happy she was, how awestruck, I cried a little. I was just so happy, myself, that we were able to show her something that brought her so much joy.

I know that our week in Florida (Magic Kingdom - Epcot - Universal Studios [Harry Potter!] - Disney Hollywood Studios - Sea World - Magic Kingdom again) will not be without its rough moments. It will be hot. The drive will be long. There will be fights over who sits with whom on the Haunted Mansion ride. There will be whining about wanting Mickey Mouse ice cream. We will get lost trying to find the Fastpass Station for Splash Mountain, or the bathroom, or Shamu. It will be hot. There will be one child, at least, who won't want to ride any of the fun rides. I will be tempted to yell, "Stop crying! We're having fun here!" (or, ala my dad ala Billy Crystal in City Slickers: "I'm on vacation!") It will be really, really hot.

But if we get just a few moments like these:


it will all be worth it.

{And if I get plucked from the crowd in Ollivander's Wand Shop at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to try out wands, and then get my own custom-made wand for a mere $30 plus tax...well, that will just be a bonus, won't it.)


Karen said...

I hope that you have lots of fun and that the fights are few and far between! And yes, it will be hot!

aimee said...

Happy vacation!!! I think Disney is magical-still the best memory of my childhood-and I hope it rubs off on your girls. :) I love that you get to go to Harry Potter. And the Haunted Mansion! Love it! Have a great time.

Oh and happy anniversary. It is today or soon right?