It seems only appropriate to say: GOOOOOOOOOOALLLLLL!

I did it. I lost fifteen pounds. (Fifteen and a half, in fact, and it's still a week before we go to Florida.)

Woohoo for me!

It has been strangely easy. Well, the first five pounds were hard, because it was a lot of effort for not-yet-noticeable results. Success became its own motivator after about eight pounds, when I could think to myself: Yes, you could have a cheeseburger for lunch instead of a salad, but that would undo some of the good you've done. Do you really want to start this process all over again? On the other hand, I've also made sure to give myself a break once in a while. If the family wants pizza for dinner, we'll get a pizza and I'll have two slices. I'm definitely going to have some of my homemade ice cream, or a slice of banana bread. What I don't do is turn every "treat" into a crisis -- Well, I ate an Oreo, so there's no point in eating right for the rest of the week. Forget this, I'm done.

One thing that bugs me, and this is vain and silly, is that no one (other than my husband) has noticed. No one has stopped me in the hall at work and said, "Hey, have you lost weight?" I mean, it's great for me to realize that my formerly favorite pair of khakis now won't stay up, even with a belt; it's fun to buy three super-cute t-shirts from a store that I couldn't shop in three months ago. A little bit of external validation would be nice too, though. Maybe it's too soon for that.

So my next goal -- fifteen more pounds by back-to-school (August 16). (An aside -- doesn't that seem insanely early for back-to-school?) I'll keep you posted! Now I'm off to eat (yet another) salad.


aimee said...


Good for you Krista! I would certaintly notice...I hope you post a picture. That really is awesome!

Oh and my kids go back August 12th. Sheesh.

Karen said...

Good for you. Yes, post a picture so we all can see.

I think that both the 12th and the 16th are early! Of course, in Texas, the date is a very much later August 23!!!

Chris said...

You're a hottie. A total MILF (Mother I'd Like to Facebook)