The Plan, Part II

So, since May 1st I’ve lost 22 pounds. Yay!

However, about 18 pounds of that was between May 1st and July 15th. And in August I gained two pounds back. Boo!

Lots of reasons for this, I think. I got bored, mostly. I essentially ate the same thing for breakfast and lunch – whole wheat toast with peanut butter, salad, an apple – for three months. It’s been too hot to exercise. I was also – and this is no small thing, really – pleased enough to be 20 pounds lighter. I look better! I feel better! So my motivation more or less dwindled.

I’m ready to get back on track, though. Twenty pounds is good; thirty or forty would be even better. So I’m starting again. I’m getting some new recipes and a semi-new plan. I figured out that if I lose about two pounds a week – giving and taking here and there for plateaus and pizza and Halloween candy and apple pie – I’ll be thirty pounds lighter by Christmas.

Here’s the wacky part of my plan. I’m signing up for the Gobblers’ Run 5k race held in my town on Thanksgiving Day. Yes, me. Run. 5K. Race. I’m following a “Couch to 5K’ plan and I should be able to run 30 minutes without stopping by the first week of November. I have no interest in the “race” part of the race – I know I won’t win, and I don’t care. But finishing a 5k run -- much like losing a lot of weight – is not anything I ever thought I’d be capable of doing. And I’d like to prove myself wrong.


Karen said...

Wow, Krista! A 5K run - good luck. And good luck on your new plan.

Chris said...

You go girl.

aimee said...

Awesome! Good luck. I know you can do it!!