Summer Fotos

What, you had enough pictures from my endless DisneyWorld recaps? Too bad.

It's SuperMallory! (Costume courtesy of her father, who is the best father in the world to have if you're required to dress up as a superhero).

Phoebe had a birthday:

My mom came to visit, and brought Mallory a homemade quilt:

My sister and her boys were also there. (Look! Noah's smiling!)

They had a splashing good time:

Aimee took this picture. I love it. (I seem to have gotten no pictures of Aimee, though. Sorry Aimee! Guess you'll have to come back.)

It's been a good summer.

School starts in 13 days. Not that anyone around here is counting.


aimee said...

I took that picture? Wow. I am so good. :) (and I am sure the editing really helped out too!) :)

Love all the fotos. I hope we see each other again soon.

And Super Mallory is super cool.