M is for making me laugh

Mallory seems to be enjoying third grade. She made me cringe by saying this: “We had to fill out a graph of how many books we read this summer. Luckily, ‘one’ was an option.” (I considered telling her that sometimes, it’s okay to lie, but decided not to go there.) Then she said, “For quiet reading time I picked out Little House on the Prairie. But I decided it was boring so I switched it for Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew.” On the other hand, she’s reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid at home (for her required 20 minutes a day – although I don’t think she ever hits 20) and keeps saying how good it is, so maybe there’s hope.

She has a new BFF and they’ve decided to be “locker pen pals,” which means that she has to make a craft or picture or something and put it in BFF’s locker before school every day.

She put a note in Phoebe’s lunch box the other day: “Phoebe, I hope you have a good day in school! Love, your sister Mallory.” The “your sister” part kills me. It seems not to have occurred to her that Phoebe can’t read yet.

She wants to be a giraffe for Halloween. So if you know how to make a giraffe costume, drop me a line.

This morning Phoebe complained to me that Mallory was tattle-taling. Mallory said: “But Mommy, I’m not tattle-taling – Phoebe doesn’t even know what that means! I’m actually lying.”

Saturday morning she woke up early, speared a bunch of mini-marshmallows on toothpicks, and arranged them around a bunch of pretzel sticks stuck together with peanut butter. “Look what I made!” she said. “It’s called a yummy campfire.”

"My name in Spanish class is Flor," she said. "That means 'flower.'" I asked why Flor, and she said, "It's based on whatever your middle name is." I pointed out that her middle name is Claire. She said, "I know, but I told my teacher that my middle name is Daisy." (See above re: lying.)

She’s already made her Christmas list – an ipod touch and a flute. “Plus, you know how Santa always seems to bring me some things that I don’t really ask for? I want some of those things too.” I guess I oughta start saving my pennies.

She had to make a list of her favorite things for every letter of the alphabet. For “M,” she wrote “Mallory.” That happens to be my favorite M thing, too.


Karen said...

A flute?

She must be having a good time in third grade.

aimee said...

Hahaha! That is funny!

I love that she won't lie about how many books she read, but will lie about her middle name.

We will have to make Raul (aka Rhett) and Flor write letters in spanish to each other. Even if it just says, Hola and Adios!