Mallory fell ill Friday night with what has now been determined to be strep throat on top of flu. She had to miss a birthday party sleepover Saturday night and, yesterday, had to communicate by Magnadoodle messages because it hurt to talk. Poor girl.

I went to check on her around midnight on Friday and found her very, very hot. I woke her up to give her some Tylenol and then sat with her while she fell asleep. "Mommy," she said, "before you came in here, I think I heard the Kleenex box talking to me."

"Did you?" I said, startled, as you would be too.

"Yeah...and it kind of freaked me out. So I said a prayer to my guardian angel to protect me, and after that the talking stopped."

"Well, I'm glad that worked," I said.

"Yeah." A moment of silence. "Do you ever pray to your guardian angel?" she asked.

"Not for a long time, I haven't," I said.

"I think it really works. Mrs T" -- her third-grade teacher -- "told me all about it one day when I was worried about taking a times test. And I passed the test, so it must really work."

"That's good," I said, wondering why her guardian angel couldn't manage to nudge her past her three-times table.

"Mrs T is a good teacher," Mallory mumbled. "You know, especially when it comes to Jesus."

I don't know if it was the fever talking or just a weird dream. Either way, I think I'll let Mrs T know that she's making an impression.


aimee said...

I like that--especially when it comes to Jesus.

Tell Mallory we hope she gets to feeling better soon.

Karen said...

Poor baby. That can't be any fun!
Hope she is feeling better soon.