On the lighter side

Here are some funny things Phoebe has said recently:

"Hey Mom, my butt kind of hurts."

"I'm real sorry to hear that."


"Ohhh...I just figured it out! Why my butt hurts!"


"It must be because this is Tuesday, and I'm still wearing my Monday underpants."


Whilst playing with Mallory:

"Don't run away from me! I'm going to wrangle you! And my people are from Texas, so I know how to wrangle!"


The girls were singing along with the radio one day when Mallory suddenly burst out laughing. "You'll never guess what Phoebe thinks the words to this song are!" she giggled.

The line went: "Say what you need to say..."

Phoebe was singing: "Sandwich you need to save..."


Phoebe often drops the last syllable of certain words. "Hey Mom, I'm thirst," she'll say. "I need a cup of wat." Or, "I'm hung, can I have an app?" Or my favorite: "Could you help me get dressed? Here's my pajams, and here's my unders."



aimee said...

My people are from Texas. I love it.