Happy New Year

Is there any day more melancholy than the last day of Christmas vacation? The tree has been untrimmed, the Advent calendars put away, the last bag of presents has been unpacked, the chocolate crinkles have all been eaten. The girls are spending their last hours of freedom with their friend across the street while I think dolefully about packing their lunches and finding their backpacks and wondering where their school shoes are.

It was a good Christmas, a happy two weeks, with snow and a trip to the kids' museum and new toys and games. Now it's back to homework and carpool lines and planning Girl Scout meetings and, oh yeah, cookie sales.

Oh well. Time marches on, right into 2011. Hope yours is happy.


Karen said...

Love the new picture!

MomofK9s said...

I am so bummed about going back to work tomorrow-which is why I am still up at 11:41 p.m.

aimee said...

I am bummed too. Just not as eloquently as you :). Love the picture. Your hair is so long. I just cut mine.