So I've just read a string of really depressing books, y'all. (I don't know why I just called you y'all.) In the past month or so, I've read:

We Need to Talk about Kevin -- A mother writes about the lead-up to, and aftermath of, a school massacre perpetrated by her son, Kevin. I simultaneously hated this book and couldn't put it down. All the characters behaved in a completely unrealistic fashion. (Hi, I've suspected my son is a psychopath since the day he was born, but I'll let him babysit my daughter anyway.) It obviously doesn't end well and left me feeling ooky for days.

The Night Circus -- Depressing because I thought I would like it more than I did

The Grief of Others -- stillborn baby, enough said

Please Look After Mom -- An elderly Korean woman disappears in a subway station; her daughter, son, and husband ruminate about how little they appreciated her and how badly they treated her. Nice.

Nightwoods -- Children witness brutal murder of their mother, then lots of people tromp around in the woods on various missions with varying degrees of success. Really not very uplifting at all.

Have you read anything light-hearted lately that you would recommend?


aimee said...

Well, I'm trying to get thru 1984 for book club...so I am not much help. Sorry.

mimi said...

I LOVED Night Circus. Absolutely could not put it down. Sorry it was not a fav. You know the books I read. they are not allowed to be sad or scary but I am not sure that you would like them. They are not usally serious...but I love everything by Mary Kay Andrews or Meg Cabot. I have a lot of them if you want to borrow. Just let me know.