Recipe for Disaster

So I've been hunting around on online recipe websites for some Thanksgiving inspiration. I love being able to search for recipes online and am thinking about doing away with cookbooks altogether. I really like the reviews that most sites have - it's useful when someone comments that, for example, the recipe called for 1 TBSP of salt when it should be 1 TSP, or that someone else substituted chicken thighs for chicken breasts and the recipe still turned out delicious.

But. It drives me nuts when someone gives a recipe a bad rating and then says:

This recipe was terrible! It was so bland! I left out the garlic and onion because I don't like those, and it had no flavor at all. Plus I left out the cheese and sour cream to save on fat but cooked it as directed and it got really dried out!

Well, guess what, you didn't really make this recipe. You changed the recipe, and it turned out terrible, but that's not the recipe's fault.

This kind of thing is even worse:

This was delicious! I made it as written, except that I added a bunch of different seasonings, plus some link sausage, plus I shortened the cooking time but amped up the heat a little bit. I didn't use the sauce recommended, I used another sauce that my grandma taught me how to make, and it turned out great! Five stars!

If it's so delicious the way you made it, then post your own recipe!

It also bugs me when people give books a bad rating on Amazon because the book may have been damaged in shipping, or because they thought the price was too high, or because of some other reason that has nothing to do with the book.

People. What are you gonna do.


aimee said...

That drives me nuts too. I don't read reviews to see if the price of the book is too high. Ugh.

So, what good recipes have you found? Maybe we can facetime about it! :)

Krista said...

Mommy write about Blue!