The day after

My kids' school doesn't "do" Halloween, but as a "fun" alternative, they allow require students to dress up as saints for All Saints Day (November 1). How does one dress a child up as a saint, you may ask? Answer: I don't know, but apparently wrapping them up in veils and shawls does the trick well enough:

Don't they look happy to be saints? Phoebe is St Catherine of Siena (which is the name of their school, but it was chosen because Phoebe's middle name is Catherine) and Mallory is St Maria Goretti, who was murdered at the age of 12 and beatified because she forgave her murderer on her deathbed. Which is a nice story, right?

Still, they're getting a good education. Phoebe had to write sentences with selected "sight words" last night; the sentences had to be at least 5 words long. One of her words was "does." "I can't think of a does sentence!" she said. Then she said, "Oh wait -- how about, 'Does potatoes grow in gardens?' No...that sounds wrong. That would be 'do', not 'does'. It should be: 'Does a potato grow in a garden?'" My heart swelled with pride. Only six and she's nailed subject-verb agreement.

For the word "Who," she wrote: "Who are my parents?" I pointed out that sentence was only four words long. She erased and wrote something else and brought it to me. The sentence now read: "Who are my parents well who?"



aimee said...

Well who! Love it.