A girl can write

Sentences by Mallory:

A pris can sel stuf. (A price can sell stuff)

A hart can luv.

Manie can sel stuf. (Money can sell stuff)

Toes can do stuf.

You can do etrefyg. (everything)

Frogs can et flies.

Bees can steg you. (sting)

Latie bugs can flie.

Phoebe has developed the habit of asking how to spell words, but she never believes the answers she gets. "Mommy, how you spell bath?" she'll ask. "B-A-T-H," I'll say. "No," she'll say, "it's called D-H-R-E-F-Y-F." One wonders why she bothers to ask.


aimee said...

Your girls are too funny!