A sister is a forever friend, except when she's not

Mallory was very concerned when she learned that Phoebe was getting shots today (at a very late 2-year-check-up). "Poor Phoebe," she said mournfully when we woke up this morning. "Poor little Phoebe," she said again when we loaded up to go to the doctor's. "Oh Phoebe," she said, when Phoebe expressed excitement as we pulled into the doctor's parking lot. "She just doesn't know what she's getting, does she, Mommy?"

Mallory hovered attentively while the nurse checked Phoebe's blood pressure and her hearing and pricked her finger. "Is that blood?" she asked the nurse in a tone of outrage. "You're worried about your sister, aren't you?" the nurse replied. When the actual shot was administered, Mallory cringed and covered her eyes, and then helped me calm Phoebe down by rubbing her back as the victim cried on my lap.

I was reflecting that it was so sweet, so nice to see such an obvious display of love and affection from Mallory for her little sister. They really love each other, I thought, full of motherly pride. Then Phoebe turned her tear-stained face to me and said, "I want Mallory to get a shot too!"


aimee said...

It is only fair you know. :)