Funny/Not Funny


According to Phoebe, the song goes: "On the elf day of Christmas, my julep gave to me..."

Phoebe said to Chris the other night, "Daddy, can you walk?"

"Can I walk? Sure."

"No, walk!"

"Do you mean, like, take a walk?"

"No, I mean, wock the paw-ty!"

Not Funny:

I have strep throat again.

One of the possible side effects of penicillin -- the development of a black, hairy tongue. This is "unusual, harmless, and will dissipate when the course of medication ceases" but still, ew. The way my luck is running, this will be the side effect that happens to me.

Also Not Funny:

Parents who ruin the Tooth Fairy for the rest of us. Not by denying its existence, but by overdoing the whole thing. Mallory lost a tooth yesterday; when she put it in her tooth pillow she said, "I really hope I get a Camp Rock microphone!" I said, "The Tooth Fairy doesn't bring toys, she brings money." Mallory said, "Well, she brought my best friend a microphone and that's what I'm wishing for too." Needless to say, she was horribly unimpressed to find a dollar in her pillow this morning. Fellow parents, for the sake of the cheapskate traditionalists amongst us -- stick to dollar bills!

This is funny:

Now is the time to donate. Let your support be known.

But it's not funny that Californians are voting to deny gays the right to legal marriage. I don't think anyone from California reads my blog, and obviously I can't vote on this proposition, and probably no one else cares what I think, but here's what I think anyway. If one of my children came to me, ten or twenty years down the road, and told me that she was gay, I wouldn't mind one bit. She would still be the same child, the same person, the same beloved daughter that she'd always been, and I would love her just as much as I did the instant she was born. What would bother me, what would bother me quite a lot in fact, would be those who discriminated against my child for her lifestyle, those who would deny her the civil rights she is entitled to as a citizen and as a human being. So I hope that "No on 8" prevails on November 4.


aimee said...

I can't believe you have strep throat! I have a sinus infection and had beginnings of the dreaded strep but because I am allergic to penicillan, I have to take this other anti-biotic that makes me feel just as bad. Ugg.

You are right. Everybody deserves equal rights. How can anyone vote yes for anything less?

Anonymous said...

Hi Krista,

I don't remember how I came across your blog initially, but I do stop by to read it from time to time. Just wanted to let you know that you have at least one reader in California, and I will be voting NO on Prop 8. Take care!

Stacie (Los Angeles, CA)

Anonymous said...

A Camp Rock Microphone from the Tooth Fairy! What is the world coming to? I think that you got quarters and were happy to get that.

Sorry that you have strep again. And I hope you don't develop a black, hairy tongue.

I think that everyone deserves equal rights, and to deny them anything less is wrong.


Abbey said...

Feel better Krista. I would have killed for a dollar from the tooth fairy growing up and I never would have expected toys.

I also agree with you. I often think of how priviledged we were to grow up in the church denomination we did being one of the few who openly accept everyone. It took me until college to realize what a blessing that was.

Krista said...

Right on, Stacie! Thanks for stopping by.

Abbey, you're exactly right about our church -- we are very fortunate.