Something happy, for a change

Some shots with my new camera.

Phoebe has amazing powers of concentration for a 3-year-old. She sat working on her chalk painting for twenty minutes, oblivious of everything going on around her, talking to herself to whole while. Her teachers say she loses herself in her imagination more intensely than any other child in her class.

Mallory is in a very awkward stage of growing out her bangs. When she lets me put her hair up, she looks adorable. Is it awful of me to say that I think I have pretty daughters? I guess the contrary is true; they should never doubt that I find them beautiful.


MomofK9s said...

They are the cutest girls EVER! but I guess I am biased. Ps. I am pretty sure that I got the strep throat. :-(

aimee said...

I agree. They are very pretty girls. :)