Consumer Confidence

We told Mallory we would start giving her an allowance if she would perform certain chores every week (which have yet to be determined - I'm such a disorganized housekeeper I can't even think of any chores that I consistently do every week). She asked if she could spend the money on anything she wanted, and I said yes, but that she needed to plan ahead and save up if there was anything special she wanted and so on. She got a gleam in her eye and said: "I know just what I'm going to buy with my first allowance! A new Build-a-Bear, my own computer, and my very own cell-o-phone!"

I think she's going to be a little bit disappointed when she learns the true value of a dollar.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I am afraid that Mallory is going to be saving money for a long time!


aimee said...

ha! ha! Cell-o-phone! We have just started consistently giving the boys an allowance and they have to save 10% of it (roughly, a dollar for Rhett and $.75 for Noah). The rest is theirs. It is funny though. They talk about spending their money, but when it comes down to it, they hate to part with it. That's their daddy in them! :)