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Last Day of School Hooray

Well, that seemed to pass in the blink of an eye.

Here's Mallory on her first day of first grade:

Here she is on her last day of first grade:

The finger signifies that she's done with grade one, as she put it.

The uniform that was too short for her on the first day of school was replaced with her current uniform...which became too short for her in, oh, about December, but which I forced her to continue to wear for the rest of the year because those things are expensive and I didn't want to buy another one until I absolutely had to. Clearly I need to buy uniforms two sizes two big at the first of the year, so that there's a chance they'll continue to fit until the end of the year. Sigh.

Here's Phoebe, who decided to be a princess this morning:

"I'm closing my eyes because I'm happy," she explained.

And here are some entries from Mallory's journal. I find it funny that she can spell weekend correctly, but apparently just chooses not to. Most of these entries are true, but there are a few egregious lies, which I leave to you to sort out.

Feb 9: This weckind I wachd a faimaly video. Then I playd outside wene I went outside I saw tow gifts one for me and one for my sister it was a ds!

Feb 23: This weekend I went to my friends house her name is Bailey I had fun. We sang songs like the abcs and im a litel tea pot bofor I left we sang twinkle litel star.

Mar 9: This weekind My Dad and I went to the parck. We playd I spi and I went on the big slide. Then My family and I eat diner at My Gandparints hous.

Mar 16: This weekind I went to Graces birthday party. I made homead play boh. We saw little babby citins.

Mar 23: This weekind I playd outside with My Mommy and my sister. And We made a pickcher. I droe a flower and a rainbow hart. Then We stapeld them in our rooms.

Mar 30: This weekind I went to my freind Grace's party. We went to Kennie's. We jumped on the trampatein. We dived in the fome blocks.

Apr 6: This weekind I got a new white cat shining star. I went on the computer with it. We plad star mackover. We plad name that anamill too. Im so so so happy.

Apr 20: I playd with my frind Baily we playd fashin show. Then we playd bance gemastecks and sing. I won it was grait. Then we went home to eat our dener.

Apr 27: This weekind I went to eat brecktfest with my mama and papa and mis. haga came to. Then my mommy and my mimi went to the girl scout filld trip. We had fun.

May 4: This weekind I went to meet in the street. I went to face painting I got some flowers on my arm. Then I went in the bonce me house. It was fun.

May 11: This weekind I went to the daddy dahgter dance. It was my sissters first time to go. We danced we aet. We got face paintings. My sister got a heart. I got a panda and a penguin.

May 18: This weekend I went to Tiffany's 1rst cumunyn. She wore a butteful whigt dress. We saw her eat the bread. We gave her gefts at the end. We had cake and punch. It was cool.

May 26: This weekind I went to my grandma and grandpa's house to have a memeareall day feast. We had hot dog's and corn and the cobe. For desert we had twenkeis. Then we opend presents. I got a real pet puppy.

Now, seventy-four days of summer! (Yes, she's counted.)


Anonymous said…
Those make me laugh!

aimee said…
She looks so so so happy to be done with school for awhile!

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