Pett Peave

I understand why people get vanity license plates, and I even understand the fun of getting a vanity license plate that is kind of hard to decipher, like NVERL8.

I don’t, however, understand vanity plates that are just plain old misspelled. I just saw one at lunchtime and of course now I can’t remember it. But, for example, oh, here’s one I recall: WULFPAC. Now what this is meant to signify is “Wolf Pack” – the NC State team – but WULFPAC is just wrong. No one spells Wolf Pack with a U and no K. It’s obvious that this person wanted “Wolf Pack” on his license plate but it had already been taken, so he settled for WULFPAC instead. But it looks ridiculous. As do, let’s see, TWINMOMM (because who spells Mom with two ms?) and LVHOCKY. You may love hockey, but there is no such thing as hocky.

This is a case where being offered second-best should be grounds for declining altogether. If I had filled out my children’s birth certificates only to be told by the governing authorities that yes, I could name my daughters Mallory and Phoebe, but I’d have to spell their names as Mellorie and Feibie, I would have chosen other names.

Whew. I’m glad I got that off my chest.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree. Why would one spend the extra money for vanity plates to have misspelled words on them!


Chris said...

You're just jelloz.

aimee said...

You make me laugh. So does Chris.