This weekend I was, as Chris put it, a whirlwind of toil. I vacuumed, I mopped, I laundered, I swept, I scrubbed, I went to the grocery store. In addition, I took the kids to a carnival and worked on the attic, which is now about 75 percent cleared out, go me! And, most importantly, I found my camera, which had been missing for about a month. Which means that today I'm going to post some pictures.

Chris and the girls before the third annual Daddy-Daughter Dance, the first one Phoebe attended:

Phoebe has a huge quantity of fancy, ribbon-festooned dresses at her disposal, which she insists on wearing when we go to the store or out to the park. Before the dance, however, she pulled the oldest, most faded, most tight across the chest and short at the hem knit sundress out of her drawer and said: "All my other dresses are too itchy -- I want to wear this one." Children. Who can understand them?

It's not likely that the girls will be attending the fourth annual Daddy-Daughter Dance, since this one was, according to Chris, not a success. The building was not air-conditioned, Phoebe was whiny, Mallory only wanted to eat cupcakes.

Mallory did enjoy getting her face painted at the dance. On one cheek, her favorite animal, the panda:

On the other cheek, my favorite animal, the penguin:

Speaking of penguins, in my cleansing of the attic I found a huge box of penguin figurines and collectibles which I had forgotten I owned. I amassed them pre-children, when I actually bought such things for myself, and then never unpacked them when we moved into our house seven years ago. Now I'm wondering what to do with them. I could buy a shelf and display them in the kitchen or dining room, but I don't know if I necessarily want to be the Penguin Lady with a bunch of Penguins everywhere. I don't even remember why I started collecting penguins (although I remain very fond of them). A dilemma.

I did, however, hang these up on the kitchen wall (And yes, I was very excited to have found my camera, so I took lots of pictures this weekend.):

And then there's this:

It's a chicken! Made out of a gourd! I bought it at a craft fair a few weeks ago. I think it's adorable and it looks great with the colors in my kitchen. Bock!

Oh, I made cookies:

I used an Alton Brown recipe and they turned out much better than my cookies usually do. Ever so slightly crispier than I'd prefer, but I think I may have overbaked them a smidge.

What else? Here is Mallory in her Daisy Scout uniform, right before "bridging" to Brownies (this was actually taken by my cell phone camera, hence the fuzziness):

And here is Phoebe in her classroom during a "Moms and Muffins" party:

Perhaps that's it for now. I'm tired from the weekend. Mallory has four more days of school. It's getting very hot outside. But I found my camera!


aimee said...

Yay! for finding your camera.

Yum! for your cookies.

Ha! for Phoebe's dress logic.

Aww! For the adorable chicken gourd. Love it!

aimee said...

Oh, one more!

Congrats! to Mallory for becoming a brownie. :)

H Noble said...

Whew is right! All that and the attic too?? I'm impressed.