Spoke too soon

At the risk of giving my loyal readers a case of whiplash, I have to announce that Mallory DID get back on her bike this weekend, and I DID get some pictures (taken with my cell phone, so they're fuzzy):

She goes very very slowly, and she sometimes needs a push if she's going uphill, and her legs are too long for this particular bike -- but she's riding. (Oh, and yes, she also needs a helmet -- we're taking care of that this week.)

Here is Phoebe on the same Radio Flyer tricycle that her Auntie Mimi and Daddy used to ride:

And here she is whizzing along on the big-girl bike:

Now I want a bike, too!


H Noble said...

Good for them and way to go Phoebe for forging the trail!

aimee said...

Yay for Mallory! I had to get a bike too, when Noah started riding. It is too fun not to.

Anonymous said...

Good for Mallory! Phoebe looks like she is having way more fun than Mallory, though.