What's cuter than puppies?

My daughters cuddling puppies, of course!

What's that? Oh - no no, these are not OUR puppies. No no no, although the children certainly wish they did belong to us. No, these are puppies that Auntie Mimi is helping to care for, and that we visited this weekend. The girls, incidentally, have a penchant for naming animals after various food products. Suggested names included Milkshake, Hot Fudge, Vanilla Wafer, Strawberry Cream Puff, and Dark Mint.

They were cute as buttons. However, I for one am glad that our house is puppy-free -- for now, at least.


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! What? You don't want two new puppies!


aimee said...

Cute! Puppies are hard to say no to...;)

That is why Seth never takes me to see the puppies when they are at the bank!

H Noble said...

Those are cute puppies, but I only admire dogs from a distance. :)