President Who?

Mallory: Mommy, I have to do a project on a president.

Me: What kind of project?

Mallory: I have to choose a president and find out stuff about him. But it can't be Abraham Lincoln or . . . or some other guy.

Me: George Washington?

Mallory: Yeah, George Washington.

Me: So who are you going to pick?

Mallory: I think I'll pick Barack Obama.

Me: Good choice.

Mallory: Or, no, actually I think I'll pick the one...what's his name? The guy who invented something to kill the germs in milk?

Me: ...Do you mean Louis Pasteur?

Mallory: Yeah, him.

Me: Honey, he wasn't a president.

Mallory: He wasn't?

Me: No...he wasn't even American.

Mallory: Huh. Well, I guess Barack Obama is it, then.

Me: I guess so.


aimee said...

How did she know about Louis Pasteur? Impressive.

I just finished reading Abide With Me. What a good book. She is an amazing writer. I want to read her first one now.

Anonymous said...
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