The things you do for love (and because they beg you too)

You (meaning Chris) build a (really awesome) car for the Powderpuff Derby:

You accompany your daughter to a Girl Scout event in which pet rocks are made to (somehow) teach the girls about being kind to animals:

On the first weekend in a long time when you have no Girl Scout activities or birthday parties or snowstorms and all you want to do is sit and read a book and watch the Olympic moments you DVR'd, you instead help your children make

Chocolate Sporks

and greenish slime

And then you're a little excited about going back to work in the morning.


aimee said...

You are a better mom than I. During the Olympics I totally ignored my kids. They are glad it is over.

Oh and very cool car Chris!

H Noble said...

I did too. We maxed out the volume to drown out our 2 year old's "watch toons! watch toons!". Is that bad parenting?

Good for you. I'm sure the girls loved it all.