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Stream of consciousness

I did not know this, but Raleigh has an annual Groundhog Day celebration with our very own groundhog, whose name is…Sir Walter Wally. Which is a bit embarrassing. Apparently this year he disagreed with Punxatawney Phil and predicted that our winter is coming to an end. Take that, rest of the country!

My watch is broken. I want a new watch, because I hate going watchless. Then again, who really needs a watch anymore? There are clocks on all the various electronic gadgets we carry around with us. (In my bag right now there are three – ipod, e-reader, phone.) So I don’t really need a watch. I just want one. I like this one. It’s an odd choice for me. Since when do I like butterflies? But it’s expensive. (I’ve never paid more than $19.99 for a watch. Which reminds me of a funny story. My mom got me a watch for Christmas one year. Christmas morning, I opened it up and then couldn’t figure out how to set it. I handed it to my dad for help. He looked at it and then said, “Where’s the instruction book?” My mom said, “It didn’t come with one.” Dad said, “Of course it did.” Mom said, “No, it didn’t.” Dad said, “Where did you get this watch?” Mom said, “From a kiosk in the mall.” Dad said, “Was it wearing an overcoat?” HA!) Where was I? Oh yeah. So I’m torn on whether or not to buy this watch.

I have moved on from the Wicked soundtrack to the soundtrack of Rent. Which I didn’t like so much at first but now I can’t stop listening to it. I am thinking of renting the movie tonight (get it? Renting?) Chris would hate it. Which I understand. There’s something fundamentally awkward about watching people burst into song at the slightest provocation.

I went to a chiropractor yesterday for a free screening and consultation. The guy said I was definitely a candidate for chiropractic care. I was shocked to hear this as I’m sure that he turns people away all the time.  (This would be a good place for the irony mark.) My neck is out of alignment. It hurts pretty much all the time and I guess it is time to do something about it. But there are so many things I’d rather spend money on. I can’t wait until the socialists take over and we finally have universal health care.

I discovered a new and divine ice cream flavor: Blue Bunny Monster Cookie. Oh my it’s delicious. I must not buy any more. Perhaps they’ll discontinue it soon so I can avoid temptation.

Next Saturday I get to wake up really early and go help unloaded millions of cases of Girl Scout cookies. I am really excited about this. (Again, an irony mark would work well here.)


Karen said…
I like that watch too. And I don't like going without a watch either although I can't say that I really look at it to see what time it is very often because I have other devices to look at for the time. I just feel not quite put together without one.
aimee said…
Beautiful watch. I, myself, am not a watch wearer. I don't like to be a prisoner to time. Ha. No that really isn't it. I just don't like wearing watches.

Anyway, I burst out laughing at your memory of what dad said to mom. Was it wearing an overcoat? So funny.

Have fun delivering girl scout cookies. If there is a sarcastic mark, this would be where I would use it.

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