Disney: Getting There

Oh yeah, we went to Disney World. I have millions of pictures, and will dole them out in bits and pieces over the next few days. I am still so tired, from all the fun we had.

This is Mallory and Phoebe, the night before we left:

This is Mallory and Phoebe, mere moments before we left:

You can bet that this level of excitement was not maintained throughout the 10-hour drive to Orlando (although both children were very good):

Right past the South Carolina state line is an odd collection of shops and restaurants known as South of the Border. We had the opportunity to buy all kinds of novelties and souvenirs in the rest stop; instead, we just took some photos on and of the statuary:

Hours later, we arrived in Orlando. I'll continue this tomorrow, but first a spoiler about how I soon felt about planning a trip to Florida in the height of summer:


aimee said...

Can't wait to see all of the pictures again. Loved Mallory being so excited!