Another Bedtime Conversation

Prior to lights-out, we read The Runaway Bunny. Mallory saw the inscription on the first page and asked what it said. "To Mallory from Mimi," I said. "No, there are more words than that," my now-literate-child corrected. I sighed and said, "It says, 'To Mallory from Aunt Amy and Uncle S.'" Mallory said, "Who's S?" I said, "The person Mimi used to be married to." Mallory said, "Oh yeah, I remember." Then we read the book and the girls got into bed. And then:

Mallory: Why isn't Mimi married to that boy anymore?

Me: They just decided they would be happier if they weren't married anymore.

Mallory: But why?

Me: Well, actually, S wasn't always very nice to Mimi.

Phoebe: Oh no!

Mallory: What would he do?

Me: I don't know exactly. He just wasn't always a nice guy.

Mallory: Did they fight?

Me: Yes.

Mallory: Sometimes you and Daddy fight.

Me: Yes, we do. The difference is that Daddy and I still try to be respectful of one another, even if we fight, and we still love one another. S was not always respectful, so Mimi decided not to be married to him anymore.

Phoebe: Yeah, that's right!

Mallory: Mommy, do you know one reason why I love you?

Me: Why?

Mallory: Because I really like the boy you married.

Me: Thanks. I like him too.

Mallory: And you got some really nice babies too!

Me: Yes, I agree.


Anonymous said...

I think that Mallory has it figured out!


aimee said...

too cute!

J&H Noble said...

That is the most precious thing! How sweet and thanks for sharing it!