Success at last

Right after Christmas, I purchased myself a new laptop. It arrived just about a month ago, and it is sleek and lovely and full of features. Unfortunately, I had no end of problems and frustrations trying to get it connected to the internet. Finally, we had to hire someone to do it for me, and now, finally, I'm connected. Now, after spending all day at work on the internet, I can come home and spend more time on the internet! What a weird world we humans have created for ourselves. (We did, of course, already have a computer at home, but technically it's Chris's and he uses it at night for important things like lessons plans.)

The kids have had fun with my new computer too. The other night we played around with the webcam. Look and see!

And look at that! I'm posting on a Sunday morning! Woohoo!


aimee said...

Awesome Krista!! I love how it looks like they are catching the bubbles and snowflakes!! Congrats for you! :)