I spent the morning searching online for new curtains for my soon-to-be-repainted kitchens, and my conclusion is that there are, wow, just a lot of really ugly curtains for sale out there.

(I apologize if you happen to have these curtains hanging in your kitchen.)

I finally found a pair I liked...at Ikea. Who doesn't sell their curtains online. They just post the pictures online so you can see them and want them and then realize that you cannot have them, unless you're willing to drive to Atlanta or College Park, MD. Which I'm not, for curtains.

Maybe I'll get a nice pair of blinds instead.


Anonymous said...

Those are some ugly certains, for sure!


MomofK9s said...

Yikes! Those are bad curtains. You know what might look nice is match stick blinds. They let natural light in too so it is not so dark. Good luck. That is why I don't like Ikea. I mean who wants to drive 6+ hours for curtains or a bed? There used to be one in VA outside of Richmond at Potomac Mills

aimee said...

I just had my husband take a road trip for my stuff I wanted at Ikea. But I'm not so sure he would have done it if it were just curtains. :)

What color did you do your kitchen? Details!!

J&H Noble said...

Let me know what curtains you want and I could go get them and mail them to you. We have an Ikea here by us (the one Seth drove to!).

Krista said...

Holly, thanks, that's so sweet! Actually I found some at Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday that I think will work (although of course I bought the wrong kind of rod, why is this curtain thing so hard for me, arrgh?). If I end up wanting the Ikea ones after all I'll let you know!