Mallory often wakes up and tells me that she doesn't want to go to school. Usually she gives the standard excuses: Stomach ache, stuffy nose, bad cough. Sometimes her reasons are exclusive to the Catholic school student: It's Mass day and the incense hurts my eyes; I have Religion today and it's boring.

Today her reason was so valid that I found it hard to say, sorry, you're going to school anyway:

"I don't want to go because I have to sit next to Petey, and he keeps sneezing on me."


Melissa V. said...

Lovely! I saw that you have Ponette listed as one of your favorite movies... thanks for appreciating it too :)

aimee said...

Ewww is right!

Anonymous said...

Poor Mallory. I remember having to sit by a kid who always needed to blow his nose but just wiped it on his hand instead. Look how long those gross memories last!!