Sneak Peek!

We painted half of the kitchen this weekend; the top half and the trim, to be precise:

It's not exactly a subtle shade of yellow, is it? Mostly I like it. Sometimes I look at the walls and think that it looks like a big jar of mustard exploded in the kitchen. I think I'll be pleased with the final product, though; the wall beneath the chair rail is going to be a bright blue, similar too (although not as dark as) the colors in the pitcher in the second picture.

We also, obviously, need to hang the curtains and get new outlet and switchplate covers.

Did you also notice my valentine's day roses? Thanks Chris!

I'll post more pictures when the entire thing is done. Stay tuned!

Oh,and here are the girls helping:

And, have you seen Mallory without her front teeth? Because that's cuter than my half-done kitchen any day.


aimee said...

Looks great Krista! You know I'm not afraid of color, so I think the yellow looks beautiful! It will look awesome with the blue too!

Anonymous said...

I like it. I think it really brightens your kitchen.