Notes on the Christmas Pageants

Third grade is, apparently, the age at which it is no longer cool to be in a Christmas pageant.

Hence, second graders are more entertaining while singing in Latin (Magnificat) than are sixth graders singing in German (O Tannenbaum).

If you wish your scripture lessons to be read with feeling, volume, and articulation, do not choose seventh grade boys as your readers.

One wonders what the world has come to when there seem to be more video cameras in the audience than there are children on the stage.

The first graders, who sang "No room, no room, there is simply no room!" to the tune of "The First Noel" got the prize for the evening's comic relief.

There is nothing cuter than kindergarteners performing "Away in a Manger" in sign language.

It is all worth it, though, to see your very shy youngest daughter do all the moves to her "Elves and Shoemaker" dance and sing all the words to "Silent Night."

Anyone who chooses to teach music to young children deserves an award. A big one.


aimee said...

I second that one!