Seven years from here:

to here:

You used to sleep in the crook of my arm all night long. Now you're almost up to my chin. How did that happen?

You are a wonder. You are stubborn but kind-hearted, distractible but single-minded. You are inquisitive, but you know it all. You are sociable but shy; you are a big fibber who demands accuracy from everyone else. You are growing up, but still so innocent. You are completely familiar to me, but constantly surprising.

Sometimes I feel unequal to the challenge of parenting you, but I'm so glad that I was entrusted with you, beautiful girl. I miss the baby you were, but can't wait to see what happens as you grow. May your seventh birthday be all that you hoped it will be, and your seventh year be filled with luck and all good things.

Happy Birthday, Mallory. I love you.


aimee said...

She is such a beautiful big girl. I kept thinking she was only 6. But then I think Rhett will only be 7 and Noah only 5. Wrong all 3 times.

Anonymous said...

Wow! She looks so grown-up. Tell her Happy Birthday from Granddad and me. I'll try to call tonight.