Come Again?

Phoebe's brain has, lately, been working far faster than her mouth. She'll start to talk and the words will tumble out so fast that it's impossible to understand what she's saying. If you tell her to start over, though, she'll repeat herself just as fast but softer, making it even more difficult to get her point across.

The other night she was telling me something of great importance, and her words got all tangled up and I must have been looking at her with complete incomprehension, because she stopped and said: "Mommy, can you just pretend that I've already said what I was trying to pretend to say?"


aimee said...

That is hilarious. I know Noah is so hard to understand at times (most of these times are when he is whining or crying) and gets so frustrated with me because I keep saying, "What? I didn't understand you!"