File under: stupid problems to have

I'm going to see Wicked (the musical) in May with my sister- and mother-in-law. I'm excited; I like musicals. In anticipation, I downloaded the soundtrack a few days ago and have been listening to it continually on my ipod ever since.

I read Wicked (the book) back when it first came out, but didn't remember much of the plot. So in order to understand what happens in the gaps between the songs in the musical, I turned to wikipedia for a plot summary. Then I clicked over to the synposis of the book to see how it differed from the musical. Reading about the book made me realize that I had pretty much forgotten all of the book. In fact, to be honest, what I remember about the book was that I found it a bit dull. A bit long. A bit too much about the politics of an imaginary country. A bit too full of unsympathetic characters. And then, I remember, I read the author's next book (a retelling of the Cinderella story) and didn't like it much at all. So I never even considered reading the two sequels to Wicked.

But now, well, I really like the music. And I like the characters in the musical. And I kind of want to revisit how they were presented in the book. So now I have this burning desire to reread Wicked and read the two sequels. Even though I don't think I'll like them all that much, and even though I am currently reading an absolutely gorgeous book that I don't want to rush through (Abide with Me by Elizabeth Strout -- it's so very good) -- all I can think about (other than the chorus to the song "Popular," from the musical, of course), is reading those books.

Sometimes it's really exhausting being me.


aimee said...

I understand your dilema. I am the same way!

I also have thought of reading the book but always stopped myself. But I do want to see the musical.

I love that you described a book you are reading now as "absolutely gorgeous." It totally makes me want to read it--right now.

Amy said...

I am listening to defying gravity on my ipod right now! I love it! This is the version they did on Glee but it is really very good.

I am excited about going to see it. So excited I took 3 days off so I won't be worried about getting up early to go to work! and I just got a used copy of the book and I am going to read it.

Karen said...

What fun! And I am really envious!

Chris said...

Aw, poor baby.