How's this for a weird homework assignment:

"Examine your conscience."

(Mallory's learning about the Sacrament of Reconciliation.)

This morning Phoebe's preschool class went to Mass, the first time together as a class. (Can you imagine taking 18 4-year-olds to church?) At breakfast Phoebe said, "Mommy, I think I forgot how to genuflat!"

And before I could even say, "Um, what?" Mallory said, "Don't worry, I'll show you how," and proceeded to genuflect before the kitchen table. She added, "And listen, if the priest tries to give you the wafer -- don't take it! You're not old enough yet!"

I told her that at the church I grew up in, there wasn't a wafer -- we used a loaf of bread for Communion. And we had little individual glasses of grape juice instead of a communal cup of wine. And sometimes there were cookies for the kids.

She thought that was weird, too.


aimee said...

Um, What? A cookie is sounding pretty good to me right now.