What you do when it snows

You are scornful that a mere six inches of snow can shut down the metropolitan area, but when a friend calls and suggests meeting up, your first reaction is “Are you crazy? We can't go out in this!”

You wonder what good a snow day is when it falls on a Saturday.

You rejoice that your children are finally old enough to go out and play in the snow without you.

You grow weary of putting the boots on the children and taking the boots off the children, and finding the mittens, and drying the socks, and zipping the coats.

You are unsurprised when the cheapo boots you bought for your oldest daughter turn her socks a vile shade of brown (and leave tracks of dye all over the snow, so that she comes to the door and cries: “There's blood in the snow!”).

You admire your daughter's very first snowman. Who is a little...flat...but cute nonetheless.

You re-read Wicked and are so engrossed in it that you resent having to put it down to feed your children. You are amazed that you didn't like it when you read it 12 years ago. You wonder what was wrong with you when you were 25. You finish it and immediately download the sequel, Son of a Witch, onto your e-reader. You are pleased that having an e-reader enables you to get a new book even though you're snowed in, even though you worry that e-readers will contribute to the demise of the bookstore.

You have a bowl of really good taco soup.

You play around with your fancy-shmancy new camera.

You realize that even the fancy new camera will not prevent your youngest from closing her eyes right before almost every shot.

You agree to make cinnamon rolls for your mother-in-law's friend's brunch (you are known for your homemade cinnamon rolls). You make a batch, intending to put them in the freezer until they're needed. Then you decide they look too good to give away and allow your family to eat them. You realize that you will have to make another batch next weekend. You will probably not be happy about that.

You giggle a little when your younger daughter says, “That old cough of mine is coming back!” but you are not laughing when the sound of that cough keeps you (not her) up all night.

You make cupcakes to celebrate your younger daughter's four-and-a-half birthday, at the request of your older daughter, even though the celebrant actually turned four-and-a-half some weeks ago and anyway that's never something you've celebrated in the past.

You go for a Moonlight Snow Walk with your family, which you all agree should become a family tradition.

You smile when you notice that your younger daughter is just light enough to walk on the crust of the snow without breaking it. And when she says, upon discovering a yard of pristine snow, “Look! It's like a beautiful winter wonderland!” And when your other daughter says, “I like the snow...because bees can't sting you when it's snowing.”

You love your family.

You are glad you were snowed in together.

You aren't in too much of a hurry for the thaw.


aimee said...

That was sweet. That makes me wish I had not had a cold so could do nothing but curse the snow that has left my children home instead of at school. Stupid cold that makes me feel terrible.