New York was fabulous. Well, our trip to New York was fabulous. It's always fabulous to hang out with my sisters and my mom. I don't think that New York would be a fabulous place to live, or even a fabulous place to visit more than once every ten years or so. But, it was fun to be there for a couple of days. I'm completely wiped out, now, and my feet haven't quite recovered, and I lost my camera somewhere between Little Italy and the Gap on 5th Avenue, so I have no photos to share...but it was great. I'm sad that it's over and that we don't have it to look forward to anymore.

And my kids did survive without me, of course. Now that I know they can, I should plan to be away more often!


aimee said...

I am sad that it is over and we don't have it to look forward to anymore also. I have felt strange this week, wondering what to do, wondering what I did before we planned New York. What is next?

And I miss you already. And Jana and mom. Sigh.

And I am going to email you a link to the pictures. Especially the Phoebe moon. I love that one. So cool.