School Tales

My children have settled into the school routine. Phoebe loves school, runs through the door each morning without even saying goodbye. Mallory has said that first grade is hard and boring, and, because of a certain mean girl, that she and her two best friends are going to start their own school, but I think she's fairly content as well.

Mallory had her first "religion" test last week; here are some highlights. It was fill-in-the-blank:

Heaven is more beautiful than a ranbo.

Heaven is more fun than to see Mily. (That would be Miley Cyrus.)

Heaven is prettier than my mom.

Heaven lasts longer than my laf. (I think she means life, rather than laugh.)

Dear Heavenly Father, please help me to see Hanna Montanna.

She got a 100 on this test, which leads me to believe that the emphasis is on writing skills as opposed to theology.

Yesterday was picture day for Phoebe's class. Because I was (am) still in post-vacation mode, I forgot it was picture day, so she came to school with uncombed hair and a semi-stained t-shirt, and I had to call my father-in-law to ask him to bring a check to pay for the pictures because I couldn't find my checkbook...none of which mattered, because when it was Phoebe's turn she burst into tears and refused to cooperate with the photographer. Last night I asked her why she wouldn't have her picture made. "Yeah Phoebe, it doesn't hurt," Mallory said, and Chris added, "If you don't have your picture made you won't be in the yearbook!" Phoebe held up her hands and said firmly, "Stop it, people! I don't want to talk about it!" So, I guess we'll try again on retake day.


aimee said...

Yeah, uh, when does post-vacation mode end anyway?

H Noble said...

Stop it people, I don't want to talk about it! Ha! I love it!