Oh dear

I got a bad haircut last night. A truly horrible haircut. A what-the-heck-was-the-stylist-thinking-this-is-not-what-I-asked-for-AT-ALL kind of haircut. It's very upsetting, not least because I'm about to go on vacation and I don't want to be photographed in front of, I don't know, the Empire State Building or FAO Schwarz or wherever, with my lovely mom and sisters, with such hideous hair.


I'm thinking of going back to the stylist and saying, "Um, I hate this. Fix it." But it's so short already that it may not be salvageable with anything less than a buzz cut.

Super sigh.

Perhaps I'll buy a wig. Or a hat! Maybe a hat will do.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing worse than a bad haircut right before a big event! So sorry. Maybe you should go back thought just to let her know that you are dissatisfied.


aimee said...

Def. go back. I hate when that happens. I am sure it is not that bad though.

aimee said...

Have you tried a different style (like straightening it?)