So this is weird. I wrote all kinds of heart-felt remembrances yesterday (well, two or three) and as it turned out, no one remembers them but me. Aimee doesn't remember that I told her to run away. Casey doesn't remember that I promised him a story about a mouse detective and never followed through. I have felt guilty for YEARS about these things and it was all for naught. (Well, honestly, I haven't, but what if I had? What a waste that would have been!) I remember that Casey threw a rock and hit either me or Jana on the head, I just don't remember which of us it was. I can remember the feel of the rock hitting my head, just as clearly as I can remember seeing the rock hit Jana's head. (Maybe he threw rocks at both of us?) The other day Mallory said something really funny and I repeated it to Chris and then thirty minutes later neither one of us could remember what it was. Makes me wonder why I try so hard to, you know, be kind and engaging and fun with my kids. They won't remember it anyway. Or they'll remember it all wrong. The inefficiency of memory: an excuse for poor living. Don't worry, I'll probably forget that theory in a matter of seconds.


Anonymous said...

Memory is funny! The things that you wish your kids would remember, they don't, and the things that you wish they would forget, they remember. Don't know why it works that way.


Anonymous said...

The rock I threw hit you in the back. I don't remember throwing rocks at Jana (maybe in my poor aiming I missed). Anyway - sorry for the rocks. I do remember getting in huge trouble for that though. So whatever the reason for throwing the rocks, it was not worth it. This is weird, but I also remember flipping the bird to you when I was young. You said you were going to tell mom. I said, "Mom won't know what that means". Which is funny because there was no way I knew what it meant at that age. Anyway - thanks for not telling mom about that one. And sorry for gesture also (if I knew what it meant, I sure wouldn't have done it).


aimee said...

I thought the rock hit you in the head, but don't remember him throwing rocks at Jana.

So, now I am curious. Why did you tell me to run away? :)

Krista said...

Mom! Casey flipped me off!

Clearly there is some confusion about the rock throwing. Whatever actually happened is lost in the mists of time.

Aimee, I, um, don't remember. You got mad at me and Casey for some reason and said you were going to run away. I said, fine, go ahead, so you packed a suitcase and headed off down the dirt road. Either Mom or Dad was driving by and picked you up about half a mile away. I think Casey and I both got in trouble for not stopping you. In my defense, I had just read the Ramona book where Ramona tried to run away and her mother kind of used reverse psychology to make Ramona understand how beloved she was and that was, actually, the effect I was going for, but I obviously didn't implement it very well.

aimee said...

Oh my gosh! I remember now! You and Casey were being so mean to me (poor me who never did anything) and I did pack a suitcase with a doll in it (not one of your dolls--it was marked on!) and started heading down the road.

How funny. After all this time, I find out it was your fault.

Hee Hee! Just kidding.