The mind of a 6-year-old

Mallory said, in reference to my upcoming trip to New York, that I shouldn't go at all because she will miss me too much. I said that I would miss her too. "But," I added, "I'm excited that I'll get to see Grandmom and Aunt Jana and Aunt Aimee, because I really miss them too. I don't get to spend time with them very often."

"Yeah, but you spend more time with them than you do with me," she said.

"No, I don't. How could I? They live across the country," I said.

"I mean," she clarified, "in your whole life, you've spent more time with them than with me. So you should stay home."

On a sadder note, my in-law's dog died last weekend. Sophie was a Miniature Schnauzer, a bit yappy and getting crotchety in her old age. She was never a great playmate for the kids, but she was always there, and she was loyal. (In fact, when I went back to work and we started bringing Mallory over there every day, Sophie made it a habit to go perch in the driveway and wait for her. On weekends, she'd sit and wait for hours before finally giving up.) Phoebe, I think, doesn't quite understand what it means that Sophie is dead; Mallory does, but I hadn't thought it bothered her all that much. But then on Sunday night, she said, "Do dogs understand words?"

"Well," I said, "they understand some words. Finn understands 'sit' and 'no' and 'come here,' for example."

"Would Finn understand it if I said, 'Don't ever go to heaven'?"

RIP Sophie, you were a good girl.


Anonymous said...

Mallory can be very logical at times, can't she.


aimee said...

Yes, she sure can. That is hilarious about how you have spent way more time with us.

Sorry about Sophie.