Happy birthday to them!

Aimee, I forgive you for drawing all over my dolls with ball-point pen. I hope you forgive me for the time I encouraged you to run away.

Casey, I'm sorry I never finished that story about the mouse detective I promised I'd write for you. Thanks for listening, instead, to my rehashing of the King Arthur legends while we played basketball.

When Mom told me that she was pregnant, and asked if I wanted a brother or a sister, I said, "Neither! I hope you have a chicken!" (My only excuse is that I was five.) Needless to say, I'm glad that I got both a brother and a sister, and I'm glad they turned out to be you. Happy birthday. I love you!


aimee said...

Thank you. I don't remember you encouraging me to run away, but I do remember drawing on your dolls. Thanks for the forgiveness. :)

Anonymous said...


I always wondered what happened to that mouse detective. (just kidding, I don't remember any of that.) I do remember you telling aimee that running away was a good idea. Ah - memories.