Everyone needs a Mimi

Remember the first season of Friends, when Ross's ex-wife has the baby and Monica holds him for the first time and tries to think of something profound to say, and finally blurts out, "I will always have gum!" ? Well, that's the kind of auntie my sister-in-law is.

Okay, Mimi might not always have gum, exactly, but that's okay because half of my children can't chew gum yet anyway. But Mimi always has something -- a little treat, a surprise, a few pictures to look at or a cool keyring to play with. Mimi is always available to take my girls to Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone. Mimi is excellent at arts and crafts projects. Mimi is always there on special occasions (like Trick or Treat!) but she's also always willing to drop everything and come over at 7:25 on a random Thursday evening, should Mallory decide she wants to see her.

Mimi has endured offenses ranging from copious newborn spitup to undeserved four-year-old snottiness, but she always forgives. Mimi gets more indignant than I do when my kids suffer an injustice or a slight. Mimi gives good presents and good hugs. Mimi loves my kids unconditionally.

[Incidentally, Mimi is also fun to shop with and always has answers to various wildlife questions (dog throwing up, bird with broken wing). So my kids aren't the only ones who benefit!]

Mimi is a good role model -- she works hard, she volunteers, she helps out, she cares very deeply for animals. And I think that in later years, my girls will be able to turn to Mimi when they have problems that Mom and Dad just don't understand. And I will appreciate Mimi more than ever.

I'm often sad that my kids are so far away from my side of the family. But I'm always glad they're so close to their Mimi.


aimee said...

I am really glad your girls have their Mimi there too. Especially because I'm so far away...

J&H Noble said...

Aunts are great! I've tried to be the cool aunt to Jared and Tyler, but its hard being so far away from them. I do love them though, and I think they know it.

MomofK9s said...

Oh gee. I am completely crying. Thanks Krista. I have told you this before but I never had a sister and I know you have 2 really great ones-but I am glad that I got to have you for a sister. And I love those girls more than life itself. I would do anything for them or you or my brother.

Are you all Harvest Dayed out?