Is this silly?

My girls have millions of baby dolls. All shapes and sizes, ranging from a $2.99 Walmart special to a much more expensive Madame Alexander newborn. Neither girl has a particular favorite doll; if a baby is required at any given time, any baby will do, and it's always easy to find a baby doll as they're scattered all over the house, throughout the halls, in the laundry baskets, underneath the seats of the car.

In spite of the quite adequate supply of dolls in the house, and in spite of the fact that Mallory is getting a very special doll for her birthday next month from her grandmom and aunts, Mallory still wants a doll for Christmas. To be specific, she wants the doll that eats and wets and cries and pees and makes kissing noises and probably does your taxes for you as well.

It's tempting to just say no, that we have enough dolls. And in fact that's just what Chris does say.

And yet...I got a doll every Christmas until I was ten or eleven years old, and I remember every single one of them. There was Sherrie, of course, my first and best. There was Baby Bless You, which sneezed when her tummy was pressed. There was Baby Come Back, which toddled backwards and forwards. There was Dancerella, who piroutted with a smile on her face. There was Redhead Baby whose name I forget but who came with a baby seat and bibs and a clever spoon with a magnet so it looked like she was really eating.

I loved all these dolls, each and every one.* And I know that nothing would make my girls smile more than seeing a new baby under the Christmas tree.

So is it nuts that I'm thinking about, right now, placing an order for two very special baby dolls for my two very special little girls?**

*And I admit it -- I always wanted to eating-peeing-crying baby doll too, but I never got her. So it's not just Mallory's wishes I'll be fulfilling here.

**We're Christmasing out of town this year, so I have to arrange for Santa to send all the presents to Texas. Santa is going to have to put some postage money in my stocking to make up for this!

Ebay is amazing!

Baby Come Back


Baby Bless You


MomofK9s said...

I don't think it is silly at all. I always got a stuffed animal and I still HAVE THEM ALL!! and I still love them. And speaking of it, how many action figures does Chris have?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is silly either. And as I recall, the year that you wanted the eating, peeing, etc. baby, we had just had two real ones that did all that stuff, and Santa didn't think that I needed a doll in the house that also did that! Sorry, Krista.


aimee said...

I'm laughing at what Mom said. Really, what more could you ask for?

And I thought you did have a peeing doll? She was chubby cheeked, curly haired? And as I recall, one of the few that I did not mark on. heehee.

J&H Noble said...

I think you should definitely order them. Christmas is a special time of giving and sharing and teaching your kids about the joy of family and love. That doesn't mean to give them whatever they want, but another doll is not going to ruin them. Have fun!