Proof, as if more was needed, that vegetables are evil

I recently decided to follow Aimee's lead and incorporate nu-tri-tion into my family's meals. Last week I spent a really, really long time steaming and pureeing a butternut squash, a food that I have never in my life willingly ingested. I stacked about a million little plastic containers of pureed squash in my freezer, where they awaited their introduction into spaghetti sauces and applesauce muffins.

A few days later, my freezer died.

Do you think that I'm going to dare to put pureed vegetables into the shiny new freezer that we'll be purchasing tonight?

Not a chance.

So should we go with stainless steel? It's pretty but I'm wondering if, since we are a household with children, it would just end up all smudged.

Incidentally, you know it's going to be bad when the repairman comes in, sees your non-functioning refrigerator, and says, "Huh. Frig.i.daire." Then he says, "How old is it?" and you say, "Seven years," and he says, "Uh huh." Who woulda guess that would be a bad brand of refrigerator? It has the word "frigde" right in its name! I think someone owes me an apology.

Also -- because apparently I just can't shut up about my refrigerator -- I am some kind of bad grocery shopper. In cleaning out the old, stupid fridge I found THREE bottles of mustard, two jars of mayonnaise, two bottles of Hershey's syrup, two jars of apricot preseves (which no one in my family likes) and three squeezie things of lemon juice. I vow to treat my shiny new fridge much better!


Anonymous said...

That's a lot of condiments for someone who really doesn't even like mustard and mayonnaise! I think stainless steel would be ok because it has that brushed finish which doesn't look like it would show fingerprints. Take the kids with you to test it out.


J&H Noble said...

There is a new and better version of stainless steel that still looks sleek, yet doesn't show prints. May cost an arm and a leg, I don't know, but I saw it on HGTV.
Happy new fridge shopping and stocking.
And oh yeah, I have a butternut squash too, but its been sitting on the counter for almost two weeks. Doesn't help much there, does it?

aimee said...

Don't give up on the pureed veggies!!! I always feel so good when my kids are eating squash in their food and they don't realize that it is so good for them!!

I hope you get the fridge.it.not.daire you really want! You deserve it! :)